Job Fair Quick Facts

Each Spring and Fall, OhioMeansJobs Adams - Brown Counties sponsors a job fair to connect businesses and job seekers in Adams and Brown Counties and the surrounding area. There is no cost for businesses or job seekers to attend these job fairs. All are welcome to attend. Businesses must register prior to the job fair to reserve a space.

Attending the Fall 2022 Job Fair

Information for Job Seekers

Join us for the Fall 2022 Job Fair on September 20th at the Winchester Gym. This event will have light refreshments and an open layout to facilitate networking with employers. 

Come dressed for success and ready to interview. Many employers are looking to hire immediately. 

Visit your local OhioMeansJobs Center to update your resumes prior to the event.

Come dressed for success and have your resumes ready!

Information for Businesses

We invite all businesses to register for the Fall 2022 Job Fair. In this event, we are making two major changes. First, we're holding it in the evening to attract more job seekers as they return from work. Second, we are creating an open atmosphere to encourage networking between job seekers and employers, including a central area for conversations and light refreshments.

Local employers often hire for positions that job seekers may not realize are available. For example, a construction company might need secretaries, but job seekers wouldn't associate that job with a construction company. The Fall 2022 Job Fair looks to break these barriers by encouraging conversations between employers and job seekers. We encourage employers to mingle in the central area to meet job seekers and share job leads with each other.

We look forward to serving your business at the Fall 2022 Job Fair. Please get in touch with Wade Saunders (information below) if you have any questions or need assistance registering. To register, click the link below, and we hope to see you there.

Reserve your spot at the upcoming job fair. Space is limited due to the venue.