PATH is a collection of services for local youth and young adults, ages 14-24, residing in Adams or Brown Counties, Ohio. We help those who face barriers to acquiring work experience, attaining stable employment, or obtaining the resources necessary for their post-secondary educational goals. If this sounds like you or someone you know, keep reading or contact us to learn more about membership. PATH changes lives!

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PATH Services

Paid Work Experience Program

Young adults enrolled in middle or high school participate in PATH's Work Experience Program as part of their PATH membership. We place qualified applicants at a local job site and pay them to work and acquire basic job skills that will help to qualify them for future jobs. In-school youth may only participate during summer break. Out-of-school youth may participate year-round.

Post-Secondary Education and Trade Certification

Qualified applicants have the option of receiving tuition assistance for up to two years of college (including materials necessary to attend college like textbooks), or for training for in-demand occupational certifications such as for CDL, STNA, and LPN certifications.

Incentives for Students

PATH's incentives program motivates students to pursue academic excellence throughout the school year. Qualified applicants can receive monetary rewards twice each school year for achievements, including maintaining a 3.0 GPA or missing two or fewer school days per grade period.

Driver's Education

PATH can pay for driver's education courses in addition to compensation for driver's examination, temporary and permanent licensing fees.

Resume Assistance

PATH career specialists and OhioMeansJobs center staff can help PATH participants create their first resume or update an existing resume to emphasize their best skills, experience, and qualifications.

Work & School Supplies

PATH can pay for a variety of work or school-related expenses for qualified participants. Whether it’s a cap and gown for graduation, clothes for work, or license fees, PATH has you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on the program? ​What are the requirements?

The most important requirements for eligibility are that you must be:

  • Between ages 14-24

  • A resident of Adams or Brown Counties

  • Meet eligibility guidelines for our grants (may include income, location, or other situational requirements)

To apply for the program, you can:

  • Visit your local Department of Job and Family Services office and request a PATH application

  • Visit your local OhioMeansJobs center

  • Download, print, and complete the PATH application and return to your county OhioMeansJobs center or Jobs and Family Services

Do I need a work permit to work?

If you are age 14 or 15 on the start date of your employment, you will need to obtain a work permit application from your case manager. After this, you will work with your case manager and follow the provided steps to become eligible for services. Generally speaking, if you are under 18 and attending school, you will need a work permit.

Where can I work?

PATH offers employment through its connections with numerous local businesses that love working with local youth to help them develop soft occupational skills. Your job placement will correspond to your personal transportation needs, place of residency, and initial skill and interest evaluations.

Can I work during the school year?

PATH does not offer employment services to youth in school during the school year (participants are welcome to get jobs on their own). We encourage in-school program participants to devote their full attention to their education during the school year and support these goals through our Incentives program. This program financially rewards students for good academic performance and attendance.

Do you pay for Driver's Ed?

Yes. After completing a PATH Money Smart class, you are eligible for assistance with fees for your learner's permit, driver's ed courses, and driver's license.

Do you help with gas money?

Yes. In certain cases, we are able to assist with mileage reimbursement to and from training and college. We do not offer mileage reimbursement to attend high school classes.

Do you help pay for college?

We can pay for two-year programs that lead to in-demand careers. In addition, we pay for any required books, supplies, and school fees to said program.

So what's the catch?

Nothing. PATH is a state-funded and grant-funded program purposed for economic improvement through better preparing youth for the workforce. The only thing that PATH requests in return from program participants are a commitment to remain in close contact with your case manager. Such contact includes no more than one month between communications for participants under 18 or two weeks between contacts for participants 18 and over. We also require notice if a change in personal circumstances would alter your ability to continue participation in the program.

Why does my case manager ask for pay stubs/report cards/certificates/etc?

PATH is a government-funded program that relies on the success of our participants to ensure its funding. So if you are a current participant or in the follow-up portion of services -- we need to show YOUR SUCCESS! PLEASE help by providing documents when asked; the future of our program and the ability to help others depends on it.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Keep in contact two times each month or more if requested- phone, email, text, or mailing letter

  • Taking a WRAT4 (Wide Range Achievement Test) or TABE test (Test for Adult Basic Education) or Work Keys on during the assessment process

  • Complete 20 hours of activities per week

    • High school or College

    • Drivers education

    • Assigned activities on OhioMeansJobs

    • Employment- Either paid or unpaid

  • After completion of the program, there will be 12 months of follow up

  • Please provide us with grade cards or Diploma

  • Please provide us with check stubs

  • Create an OhioMeansJobs Backpack

  • Complete a basic needs assessment

  • Complete the Re-determination application every six months to re-determine eligibility. ​