Summer Work Experience

As August comes, the PATH Summer Work Experience comes to a close. What is it? How does it help participants? What can I do to join next year's program? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about the work experience and how it can put you on the PATH to success.

The Summer Work Experience always occurs during summer break. The primary reason behind this is to enable youth to prioritize their education. A High School Diploma opens both employment and training opportunities. Adults or young adults not enrolled in school may participate in work experiences at any point in the year.

Starting in April, applications for the Summer Work Experience are released to the public. PATH participants and interested youth are enrolled through May. Which worksite the program places a youth is based on several factors, including where they live, transportation, age, and interests. Before the work experience starts in June, participants go through an Enrichment class. In this class, participants hear from a financial speaker and a community member, complete team-building activities, and learn what's expected of them. The work experience will last from mid-June to mid-August. The dates will vary each year, determined by the schedule of local schools and funding.

The primary purpose of the work experience is to prepare participants for employment as an adult. On a base level, this includes learning how to prepare for work, be on time, work with supervisors and coworkers, and develop a good work ethic. Each worksite will teach participants job-specific skills. At the end of the work experience, participants have learned basic job skills, earned money, and now have job experience they can place on a resume for future employment opportunities.

For the 2022 Summer Work Experience, 85 youth worked at 73 different worksites. These numbers vary each year based on interest and funding. 

If you're interested in participating in future work experiences, contact your case manager or ask to speak with a career specialist at 937-695-0316. All work experiences are based on worksite availability and participant eligibility. Remember, in-school youth may only participate in the Summer Work Experience. Graduates and adults may participate at any time in the year.